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…….. Constantly ……..

Maybe I think about you

more often than I should 

although I am not quite sure

if often

is still enough for me after all

I feel so lost without you

even still when you are so near

because if I am not holding you 

I feel like you are still

a million miles


I guess it’s because

how much it is

I love you 

why else

am I constantly

thinking of you 

I once wondered

why I was ever born 

until I first looked into your eyes 

that was the moment I knew 

there was a reason I had to live

there is no one else in this world

that could ever

love you more than all the love

I have to give 

and to love you more

is all my heart each day 



I guess it’s because

how much it is I love you 

why else am I


thinking of you 

ever since I met you I believe in miracles 

to ever hold you

would have to be a miracle after all

so if the stars ever fell from a distant place 

the beauty from the reflection of your eyes

would simply replace 

that’s just how much I love you 

that’s just how much 

I am constantly 

thinking of you 

If a page is ever torn 

in a chapter of our lives 

then a new story

we both will 

just have to begin 

and still once again

it will just be about until the very end 

an end that every true love story

has to make 

just how much it is 

that I love you 

and how I am


thinking of you …………….………… By Nikos Cisko

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