Traveling and need something to protect your phone~

Vansky® Universal Waterproof Case

So I was looking for something to protect my phone while I was traveling with my daughter over the summer. This case is not a hard case, but it does protect it from the water which is what we were doing this summer, beach, water parks and pools.

This case was perfect! Light weight and easy to carry, put it around your neck and your ready to enjoy your trip. Walk around the water parks, beach or pool and don’t worry about the phone getting wet or falling because it is secure around you neck. The plastic case doesn’t prevent you from hearing or texting, something my daughter took advantage of…a lot! Need to take a selfie? You can do that to. Have to face time you pals? Yeah my kid too advantage that while she was swimming and made sure her friends were with her while we were away having our adventures. In short this case was essential to staying in touch while having fun in the sun and water. Fun was had and we never had to worry that our phone would get damaged. So if your needing something for your vacation in the tropics or Caribbean and want to stay in touch or take your selfies with out worrying about your phone, this case is the one for you!

texting through the plastic
       water case   wet and dry

vansky selection