Life Style ~Je Suis Prest: Sometimes the plans change…

Well, yes sometimes the plane we set out for ourselves change. But those plans don’t have to be wrong or bad. My dream has always been to go to London and Paris. That was the plan this year, make that dream come true. Am I going abroad? Hell yeah! Am I going to London and Paris? Not this time, Am I still excited? Hell YES!!!!


I found this amazing site that provides these European tours for reasonable prices.

Great Value Vacations

If you book in advance you can go to your dream Destination, air Fare hotel and tours included. We are going to Rome for $3500.

6 Nights in the city of ancient art and the Trevi Fountain, the Coliseum and the leaning tower of Pisa.

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So tonight I upload picture that I captured from Google, but in July they will be the pictures of our adventures. Something that I am sharing with my daughter. We can’t wait!

So you see, dreams, they can change, but the adventure is still the same. Will get to London? Yes this is just the beginning of my adventures in traveling to my dream destinations. Will it be next year? Maybe, although I think I will have to go to Roswell next year to please my prinnie. So maybe the year after for my 48th birthday. For this year, the year I set out to make me dream come true? I will visit the Sistine chapel and bask in the beauty, while I shed a tear.

I will keep you guys updated!

The next goal~

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