Day 11 Je Suis Prest~ Everyone needs help.

Okay on my journey, I have realized that~ 1. I am not alone. and 2. I need help.

So here is what I vow that I will stick to it this time. I mean if I want to be the better me the optimized person that I vowed at the beginning of this year I would be, then I will have to stick to it.  The good thing is that I have to face all of the people that are reading this if I don’t stick to it.


How will I do it? Well through Herbalife and exercise. Luck for me that my local Herbalife salesperson works with me!!! Easy. One shake for breaky and one for diner. I will keep you guys posted on how my weight goes. I will weigh myself tomorrow at the gym and log it in the next post. I might even take a pic, cuz you know how much I love those. I will swallow my pride and vanity and take the pic. I will log my weight weekly, no, not daily. That would kill me.

Here goes nothing!


Hopefully It will work.

One thought on “Day 11 Je Suis Prest~ Everyone needs help.

  1. You’re doing great! Just keep going forward, you definitely aren’t lane, everyone does need help somehow. A healthcare professional said that we should ” face the numbers daily” even if we don’t journal it. It helps us to see how we are fluctuating in weight loss or gain.


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